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Rob Kaye and Marie O’Brien founded EarlyBirdsSM Learning in 2004, with a core mission to bring developmental programs and services to children.

EarlyBirds Learning's first program, play-based foreign language immersion, is inspired by Rob's oldest daughter Avery, whom he exposed to Spanish starting at age 14 months. In one short year, Avery was able to identify shapes, colors, numbers, animals and food items in Spanish. She also learned basic commands and questions, as well as classic Spanish kid-songs. Not only was she learning, but she was having tons of fun.

Wanting to share the educational and developmental benefits of second language with all children, the founders quickly turned this mission into reality. They teamed with educators and specialists in early childhood development and foreign language acquisition to develop a program that not only exposed a child to a second language, but also provided a fun, developmentally appropriate environment where a child can learn at his or her own pace.