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TV Coverage

ABC Action News reporter, Christy McDonald, visits Earlybirds and talks about the benefits of early foreign language acquisition. Watch the video!

Founder Rob Kaye discusses the benefits of early foreign language instruction for children on Fox 2 News! Watch the video! (This is a large file so please be patient.)

Foreign language in the news

Back at the Ranch, January 2009: Business Highlight - Yak Academy

The Oakland Press, January 17, 2009: Global Perspectives

San Diego Family Magazine, December 2008: Yak Academy Adds Fun to Foreign Language

San Diego Backyard, September 2008: Language Learning Made Fun for Kids

The Beach Reporter, August 21, 2008: Business Profile - EarlyBirds Learning

The Detroit News, November 3, 2004: Baldwin Kids Learn Spanish

London Times, March 13, 2007: Discusses how England will make foreign language compulsory in schools for children ages 7-14; emphasizing the importance of starting early.

Los Angeles Times, February 12, 2007: Reports on the boom in the bilingual toys industry.

New York Times, November 29, 2006: Discusses how China's global influence is creating tremendous interest in Mandarin in American classrooms.