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At EarlyBirdsSM Learning, we believe in the power of young minds—and in doing our best to help those minds soar. With educational programs specifically chosen to foster the development of mind, body and spirit, we help children get an early start at being the best they can be.

Our programs actively engage children in the learning process. Each child is exposed to new content and unique experiences developmentally appropriate to their age and ability. Specifically, our Language program creates a fun, natural learning environment that targets the small window of opportunity (age 6 months to 6 years) where a child most easily acquires a second language.

Furthermore, as we feel parental feedback is essential to the health and mission of our program, we welcome constructive comments and suggestions on our choice of content, courses and teachers.

EarlyBirds Learning wants to help parents best take advantage of the early years - the time when children are both the most willing and most able to learn. We believe this not only provides educational advantages, but promotes an atmosphere of health and wellness that will follow these children well into their adult years.